Quality policy for Kronosept AB

Our goal is to produce and market affordable and safe hygiene products of high and consistent quality and to deliver on time.
Our end customers shall receive products they can trust, that meet their expectations with respect to design and function.

We shall be a flexible supplier, with ability also to deliver limited batches to smaller clients, as well as to deliver niche products that meet our customers’ requirements as to performance and quality.

We must obviously also adhere to and comply with laws and regulations valid for our products and with other relevant requirements from our customers.

We will achieve this by working closely with our customers and suppliers. Our employees must continuously be trained so that they understand the demands on us from customers and other stakeholders.

In order to determine quality goals, we will closely monitor matters such as number of complaints, adherence to delivery times and we will keep written records covering our customer contacts.

We will work continuously to improve and strive for working conditions that support and generate positive changes and improvements within our organization.